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medeamachines asked: For the Halloween asks: B, D, E, I, N

B:Favorite costume from past Halloweens?

I think Dorothy from Oz was my favorite because I finally got to be a good character instead of the devil to my sister’s angel or the frog to her princess- I was the protagonist for once! Oh also I am super proud of my half devil and half angel costume I came up with before that was like a thing you could buy in stores!image

D:Top 3 favorite scary movies. Ok so I don’t generally like being scared so I don’t watch scary movies regularly… I “liked” signs, and the village…and silence of the lambs, I guess… give me Monster House- that’s pretty freaking scary! 

E:Top 3 non-scary Halloween movies

YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN!!! Rocky Horror Picture Show, Harry Potter, Nightmare before Christmas, anything with Ichabod Crane! there are too many! although to be fair these aren’t necessarily Halloween movies but i love to watch them especially around halloween to christmas :)

I:Most ridiculous “sexy” costume you’ve seen? Sexy spongebob square pants, actually any of the “sexy” things that are not suppose to be sexy make me cringe!

N:Have you ever been tricked on Halloween?

Well I have been TPed and actually one time my little sister’s friends not only TP’ed our house but stuck plastic forks in our lawn and broke them off so that if you stepped barefoot it would be awful- I took that as a personal assault because I was the one who took care of the garden and often walked barefoot. assholes! Oh and i have had my pretty pumpkins smashed :(

Filed under ask thing look at my little pudgy face with devil makeup on one side :P you can't see but i had on on red and white tights and shoes and earrings all that matched